Monday, January 1, 2018

End of 2017 & 98 Guinness World Records completed

Today I ended 2017 with a failed Guinness World Records attempt. So far I broke Guinness World Records 98 times in 32 different categories. I am 02 records short for making a century which will be a new milestone for my record breaking life. 
This year (in 2017), my total 27 Guinness World Records approved, mostly in speed eating, speed movement, stacking, holding maximum objects in hand quickly, mouth related categories. Still few more records were under adjudications. Also my records were broken by my arch-rivals from USA, Italy &  Germany. 

I am making records very silently without any media coverage, without any socio-political-economical backup. 
I am making records passionately purely on my own will power. 
I never capitalize my record achievements like other fellows were doing but now I have to think on this. 

Interestingly this year, in my family including me ‘five’ (05) members (younger brother, nephew and two nieces) also became Guinness World Records breaker (individually or in team records with me).