Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sad news came to me that Smt. Sandhana Amte died on Saturday 9th July 2011 at Anandvan Ashram, Warora (Maharashtra) at the age of 85 following prolonged illness. She was cremated at Shradhavan located on the premises of Anandvan.

Smt. Sadhana Amte was wife of India’s as well world’s most respected freedom fighter, Gandhian, social worker & social activist Baba Amte known for his work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from leprosy.

Baba Amte & Sadhana Amte made a great impact on my mind & inspires me a lot from my schooldays. I start following Baba Amte after reading a chapter on him in lower class Marathi textbook. I remember, when I was in 10th standard, I successfully translated Baba Amte’s Marathi poem ‘Manush majhe naav’ in Hindi as ‘Manushya Mera Naam’.

I got a rare opportunity to communicate with both Baba & Sadhana Tai during 1992-93 Mumbai Hindu- Muslim riots.[ ].
Both were stay at Mahim, Mumbai & tried to stop violence through Gandhian way but faced many obstructions by anti social elements. At the peak of riots, I post a letter to Baba with my feelings about burning Mumbai & breaking relations. I was not expecting any reply from him. I was surprised when I got a handwritten postcard from both couple dated as 8th Feb. 1993. I was thrilled when I read this letter. Even today when I read this letter I become emotional.

Sadhana tai wrote her part in Marathi with starting in Hindi as ‘Baba likh nahi sakte’[Baba unable to write]. Other side of card Baba wrote that he is not ‘jyotishy’(astrologer) but he is predicting that one day I will definitely become a good writer. After reading these words, tears were flow from my eyes. Baba’s those words inspires me in every up down of life. From school days, I start writing short stories for children. Many of them were published in ‘Bal Bharti’ (Publication Division, I & ministry) & other magzines..Today because of Baba’s blessings in my school day time, I created a number of World records in creative writing.

Baba Amte & SadhanaTai were true Gandhian & devoted whole life in the service of poor & needy people. Except Nobel Prize, Baba Amte was awarded by world’s all prestigious awards & honours.
Baba Amte with Dalai Lama

Letter from Dr. Vikas Amte (son of Baba Amte) Medical Superintendent, Maharogi Seva Samiti, Warora, Anandvan
Samidha’ written by Sadhana Amte, translated by Shobha Pawar (2008)


  1. Thanks for writing this and passing on the information of your experience you shared in your life.Baba and Tai have been a great inspiration to me too and I therefore take every opportunity to do whatever small act I can for Maharogi Sewa Samiti to achieve what Baba dreamt and wished.

  2. Today Sachin Tendulkar got 'Bharat Ratna', Its really good that country honored him for his contributions towards nation. Today I really felt sad that India has really forgotten Baba Amte's worth work.