Saturday, June 11, 2011

“Experiment With Life”: World’s Shortest Video

Every day we are doing some experiments with our life. Every day we are trying to fill some different colour in our life to overcome the same black & white life.

On ‎October 13, ‎2010, using these philosophies of life Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya from Mumbai (India) made an experimental video "Experiment With Life". This video is unique & in real sense an experiment because it contain no characters, no dialogues, no sound & not even credits.

Dinesh Upadhyaya who is a teacher & writer by profession is also a serious movie watcher. After watching great classic movies from great directors like Satyajit Ray, Hrishkesh Mukherji, Guru Dutt, Roman Polanski, De Sica, Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, Roberto Benigni made a deep impact on him.

He always wanted to do something with movies. Since movie making is most expensive & unit work, he decided to make such a movie/video which requires no money but fulfill his dream.

Sometimes a single image or a single word or a slogan or a symbol enough to express the whole story. He used this formula in making his odd but unique video. Being M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, he spends more than 8 years in chemistry lab. So he used scientific approach to express his meaning of life. In his shortest movie, unknown hands filling Violet colour chemical from a conical flask to a test tube. Here he symbolically wants to express that test tube is our life & we are trying to fill colour from conical flask to in it. Here conical flask may be our society, our surroundings or may be whole world. Unclear background expresses the uncertainty of our life. He intentially used Violet because this "cool" colour is the highest colour in the visible spectrum & it relates to self knowledge/ spiritual awareness. It is the union with our higher self, with spirituality, and our higher consciousness.

He totally aware that most of the viewers were going to criticize his creation, going to laugh on his creation but he has faith on it.

He claim that "Experiment With Life" is world's shortest meaningful video. Reason behind his claim is strong because the length of movie is just 0.4 second i.e. 0.0067 minute i.e. 0.00011 hour.

Details of Shortest Video

1] Length - 0:00.4

2] Format – MP4

3] Quality – 93Kbps


  1. sort of like john cage's 4′33″, no?

  2. Oh no! ‘John Cage’ was a genius & his 1952 composition 4′33″ is masterpiece. I am an ordinary thinker & want to do some different experiments with my different point of view. This is my original thought, almost 2 year before. This is for mental satisfaction as record etc. are subsidiary matters. Any way -E-thanks for comment.